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Spirit Art Goddesses 2017

Spirit Art Goddesses 2017

Your personal growth in 2017.   I would like to share a practical tool that you can use as part of your own personal development.  Each month for 2017 (commencing in December) my commitment to you is I will share channeled information and interpret the symbology that has come through with each Spirit Art Goddess from my newly released 2017 Calendar.  With each month there will be a theme that you can work with to introduce or enhance in your own life.   I have worked with mediation and visualization for over 7 years and have personally found that it has expanded my own awareness, helped clearly define my direction in life and continues to assist in my daily spiritual growth. 

Who AM I?   If you haven’t done so already it will eventually be a question you ask yourself.   Male, female, young or old, take away societies labels and you may be standing there feeling a little lost. When something that identifies you for a long time is taken away, often we are left standing asking this very question.  Crossroads and crises in your life are often catalysts for making change.  Some may seek solace back in society by changing jobs.  Your last child heads off to school so you may decide to have another child. You might pick up a hobby, find a spiritual outlet or start up another relationship.  Have you ever felt that whatever you try to do may just be a temporary band aid?  We often look for a quick remedies or distractions to avoid dealing with real personal growth that can bring about the right changes in our lives. 

Where do I start?  The great part about a journey of personal discovery is you can start anytime you want.  Make the commitment to yourself and no matter how hard it gets be prepared to see things through and continue to move forward.  Find a group of like minded people to support you, set your intentions, watch for synchronicities and be open to change.  Be prepared to make some difficult choices and watch who walks in and out of your life.  Things will slowly start to reveal themselves and when they do, you can make conscious choices about what you really want in your life. 

Look inside yourself.  What exactly does that mean?  What defines you?  Your family, your upbringing,  society,  friendship circles, colour, race, circumstances,  emotional trauma, illness, drama, self belief, religious belief systems, the list goes on and on.  Looking inside ourselves for the answers means we need to break it all down. To dissect each experience and unravel the catacomb of emotional trauma and the expectations we place on ourselves.  Only when we know why ‘we do what we do’ can we start to make productive changes.  Bringing subconscious thoughts into our conscious minds is the first step of being self aware.  Acknowledging our deficiencies and being vulnerable is confronting, uncomfortable and forces you to make decisions that previously you may have been avoiding. This journey is not for the faint hearted, and that is why not everyone wants to go on it. 

Stop and reflect. It is important when you do any type of self development that you take time to stop and reflect.  Journaling or blogging is one way to look back at how far you have come.  If you are more visual then dream boards might be the way to go.   Rewarding yourself for completing tasks or implementing change is another way to stop and reflect on your personal achievements.   Often when we have to make difficult choices it is important to set up your support systems beforehand and quite often we need time after to let the dust settle before we get ourselves back on track. Time out and reflection gives us an opportunity to see how far we have come.  Keep in mind the higher you climb the more you can see. 

I encourage you to be open and to give yourself permission to change.  Use my monthly readings and personal experiences to evolve yourself.  Embrace this opportunity and be open to what the universe has to offer you.  

Prints and Merchandise.
All Goddess images have been uploaded on my Redbubble account and will be available for purchase as prints and merchandise anytime during the year.  Spirit Art Collection

Individual Spirit Art Calendars can be still be ordered directly through me at a cost of $35 each (Australia wide postage included).  These are ordered through Clickonprint in Brisbane and will come directly from them.  Approximate delivery is sent around 10 business days after I place an order.     Please message me at and I will be able to invoice you through Paypal.

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