Sunday, 30 July 2017

August Intuitive Goddess

August Intuitive Goddess Guidance

The Intuitive Goddess steps forward in August to remind you of your inner compass.  The voice in our hearts that hears the voice of our soul.  The part of us that needs the most attention, yet seems to be ignored.   

We all have an inner knowing, a gut feeling about certain things.  What would happen if we listened and took notice of what our hearts are telling us.  If we can silence the mind and quieten our ego, we can tune into this inner compass.   Allow yourself to go into that infinite space of timelessness through meditation and learn what your higher self is trying to tell you.  Each of us have access to a power far greater than ourselves and from this place comes deep knowing.  Once you learn to recognise this power it is hard to ignore. 

The Intuitive Goddess is asking you to listen to your words.  The answers we seek are in the questions that we ask.  If you hear yourself saying ‘I just knew I shouldn’t have done that’ or ‘Am I really making the right decision here?’  then there is a good chance that you didn’t listen and you already knew the answer.  

Learning and trusting yourself takes a big leap of faith.  Past life experiences and karmic lessons may bare a big influence on why we chose to validate decisions outside of ourselves and allow society to dictate how we live.  People fear what they don’t understand, but this is the Age of Awareness.  Becoming more self aware and in tune with our inner light will help realign us with our purpose and why we chose to incarnate on this planet, in this place, at this time.

This is an opportunity to expand your thinking and open your hearts to opportunities far beyond what you have ever imagined.  When we start to listen, and follow the music of our hearts we lean to transmute negative into positive energy which in turn goes into the collective. Do you really want to help the world? Then start with the person in the mirror. 

The only real valuable thing is intuition. – ‘Albert Einstein’

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Meditation: connect to your intuition
Sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths, relaxing into your body. With every breath sink deeper into your body, away from your mind.

Breathe deeply into your heart, feeling it expand and contract with every breath.
After a few breaths, gently bring your focus further down and breathe deeply into your solar plexus.

Continue moving your focus down and breathe deeply into the area below your navel which houses your lower chakras.

If your mind wanders, gently return to the meditation, refocus your breath and continue.
Slowly, bring your focus back up to your heart. As you breathe into your heart, feel yourself connect with your heart and the deep intuition it holds. Continue to breathe here, resting in your heart for as long as you can


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