Saturday, 1 April 2017

April Tranformation Goddess

April Transformation Goddess

The Transformation Goddess steps forward in April to encourage and support you during your metamorphosis.

Creating transformation changes requires not only an open mind but a realization that all things are transient. If we try and hang on to the past then we will struggle to evolve into our purpose and activating our gifts of the future.  Transforming requires a process of vulnerability.  You must expose all those things about yourself that you don’t like. Things, that possibly you are afraid to face.   You must step into your own truth and by doing so you are giving yourself a beginning point.  By bringing subconscious thoughts forward into your conscious mind you will start connecting into your inner most spark.

Once you have identified those things in your life that need to change you can start to develop a plan.  Surround yourself with supportive peers, seek professional medical or counseling services,  find alternative healing services.  All healing is divine, so whichever modality is right for you, then that is where you need to go.   Transforming takes lots of effort, self nurture and time.  It is uncomfortable, confronting and can be painful both emotionally and physically. It is a difficult journey and that is why not everyone is prepared to go on it. 

Michelle’s Toolkit for April –

·         Recommended Books –  Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell

·         Questions Worth Asking to Find the Right Answer for You. 

o   What Didn’t Work?

o   What Can You Do to Shift Your Focus

o   Stop looking outside yourself for answers. Clearly and confidently answer the question, “Who am I?”

o   What does a life based on who I am look like?

o   How do I close the gap to live a life based on who I am?

·         Choose a Crystal to Assist with Spiritual Growth.

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