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January Grounding Goddess Guidance

January Grounding Goddess Guidance

January is a time for New Year resolutions and setting intentions for the upcoming year.  A new day is dawning and the Grounding Goddess is stepping forward to walk with you as you plant your intentions for 2017. Her years of wisdom and ancient knowledge will help you ground your ideas with action and swift movements forward.  

Tuning into your intuition and following your gut feelings will be instrumental in bringing all parts of yourself into the present moment. This is a time to step out of fear and into the light to expose who you really are.  Be prepared to put in the ground work so you can see the fruition of your ideas and plans for the coming year. An idea, like a seed, needs to be nurtured in order to grow.  Be committed to change and keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Pat yourself on the back when your ideas come full circle.  There are many people out there that never finish anything!

Kangaroos are the symbol of power and strength. It is time to reassess the foundations on where you stand.  Do you have a firm foundation to support the structures on that you wish to achieve? Who are you aligning yourself with? Do they support you or weigh you down?  With Kangaroo energy you have the power to leap over your obstacles to achieve what you are striving for.   Stay centered and focused and do not allow outside distractions to interrupt you from manifesting your dreams and goals. Kangaroos only have the ability to move forward so remember to tune into your wisdom and past experiences before you set your intentions for the coming year.

1.       Find yourself a grounding meditation online. Sit and listen to it! Bookmark it or download it so you can revisit this meditation anytime to help you ground.  (here’s one that I found to get you started)

2.      Get yourself a journal, set up a blog or make a dream board so you can keep track of your intentions for 2017.

3.       Invest in some grounding crystals that you can carry on you or have close.
4.       Set at least one achievable goal for the month and remember to celebrate you when it is complete. 

5.       Read this!!    

        HOW TO AVOID GETTING STUCK by Susan K Perry P.h.D

 Here are a few actions to take before you promise yourself that, this time, you’ll complete what you   start:
  • Become aware of your pattern of starting and stopping. A way to recognize a possible pattern is to list every past project you can recall. Every class, resolution, language, book, or plan you have begun. Write down why you started this activity, and when and why you stopped. Can you determine any commonalities?
  • Research more deeply into your next project before jumping in. Learn what others have experienced when aiming toward your same goal. Don’t think you’ll be the first one to learn Mandarin in a month, or the first to complete a novel that needs no revising, or the first to lose much weight and keep it off while never feeling the least bit hungry. 
  •  Know yourself and try be realistic.  Setting goals that you can’t possibly achieve, while insisting you can and you will, merely sets you up for failure.
  • Make a time line or write out a set of steps toward your goal. Adding structure to your plans can really help. So many words a day, so much time per week promised to this activity, that sort of thing. It’s not “successes” you’re counting at this point, but rather specific efforts you can realistically make. 
  • Ensure your main motivation is intrinsic. Do you really want to do this for personally meaningful reasons? Or do you think finishing your book will get you lots of money or girls (or the equivalent)? If you can find pleasure in the doing, in the learning, you won’t get as anxious when things take longer than expected.

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