Friday, 1 December 2017

December Wellbeing Goddess Guidance

December Wellbeing Goddess

The Wellbeing Goddess steps forward in December to remind you that to step into your full potential you must first come back to your center.  To reawaken that place of wellness which resides within, requires you to remember who you are and why you are here.  To begin this shift, you must be prepared to re discover your authentic self.    

As the world keeps turning we put so much self-importance on our ‘to do’ lists.  We shift our attention away from our hearts up to our heads and slowly drift away from a flowing free spirit to a robotic rhythm.  We become desensitized to the images that we see on our screens.   Life gets smaller and more complex as we get caught up in drama and start losing sight of the larger picture.  Our ability to be empathetic towards ourselves and others can get blurred as we constantly stretch ourselves too thin trying to be more productive.  Between our own mind chatter and general exhaustion, we lose the importance of resourcefulness and our own perceptions of reality become ones of illusion and dis-ease.   Is it any wonder that so many of us have lost sight of our true sense of self? 

The Wellbeing Goddess asks you to STOP, take three long breaths and be present.  Honor your space and your time with self-nurture.  Give yourself the love and thought that you would give freely to others.  Honor your hands for the work they do.  Honor your feet for the steps they take you.  Honor your eyes for what they allow you to see and honor your body for waking up each day with another opportunity to create, inspire and expand your divine existence.

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Its time to take your power back!  You have everything within you already to go where you need to go.  Trust your instincts and your path will unfold as you continue back towards your authentic self.  No book, course, webinar, workshop, mediation, TED talk or knowledge gained is ever going to assist you until you start to apply everything into your life.  Take yourself back into nature and recharge.  Dance, cry, grieve, laugh and expand into yourself.  Remember that you are a divine being and your physical body is just a vehicle.   You have done this many times before, it is just another book to add to your Akashic records.  Choose your own adventure and do not let your circumstances define you.  

There is a world of possibilities out there. 

A World of Possibilities


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

November Protection Goddess Guidance

November Protection Goddess Guidance

The Protection Goddess steps forward in November to guide you with her shield and her companion, the Snow Leopard.  Her lessons are around boundaries and how to protect ourselves from those around us. She will also awaken us to the patterns of self-sabotage we create in our own lives.  She is here to remind you that one of the most important things you can learn is to step into your own power.  She looks up at the North Star which is a compass bearing for you to know what direction you need to take. It is almost always beneficial to follow the North Star to see where it guides you, because the things it reveals may have even further meaning about your path in life.

Her Snow Leopard holds the sacred gifts of intuition.  He silently clears the way as he knows that intuition holds the hidden answers you seek on your path. Perhaps you are being called to trust what you don’t see?  Your future is a world of possibilities, each with its own unique challenges.  The end result is always going to be the same, it is how we get there that will make the difference.  

So what happens when you choose to stand in your power?  There are four aspects to our Warrior Psyche.  These are the quester, the definer, the defender and the discerner. 

The Quester – The seeker of self-knowledge and personal responsibility. 

The Definer – When we stand in the independence of ‘I AM’ we must communicate to others the expected and acceptable behavior of respect.

The Defender – Embracing the new knowledge of self, we must be prepared to defend (and fight for) our right to establish these new boundaries of self-righteousness.

The Discerner – Having created a new environment of harmony we must transmute the fighting warrior into the peaceful warrior. To stand and be vigilant in keeping unwanted pattern out of our personal space. 

When you begin to walk in your truth and start to honor your sovereign space you may not appear to those around you like a nice person.  You may actually appear like a very selfish one. The reason this occurs is because you start to change and shift and some people around you won't like that.  They either have to change themselves to continue to be a reflection of you or you leave them behind, which in turn can bring up lots of negative feelings for them.   You may lose entire friendship circles, family members, work colleges and it can sometimes feel like a purging by fire. You will be tested.  When we drop our guard, the old patterns of our past can come back into the present.  This will again cause disharmony and disruption into your life.  Think of the Protection Goddess as The Discerner within yourself.  She is the one that is steadfast with her direction in life, a symbol of stability, leadership, and is the guardian of your spiritual journey. 

When you are attached to something, you give up your power to it.  Stepping into your power means that you recognize and accept that you are complete within yourself, without the need for any particular thing, person, circumstance, or outcome.  You give up the illusion that anything outside of yourself gives you happiness, control or power.  - Patricia Reed

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Sincere thanks to Margaret Moore from a Pocket Full of Rainbows who has assisted me on my journey towards the North Star.  Her mentor-ship and guidance over the last 7 years has given me invaluable teachings and the confidence to step into my purpose.