Thursday, 29 June 2017

July Playful Goddess Guidance

July Playful Goddess Guidance
The Playful Goddess steps forward in July to remind you about being playful and having fun.  She wants to help guide and connect you back with your Inner Child that so often gets lost or forgotten through the daily struggles of adult life.   Your Inner Child is the expression of you that is free, innocent, playful and lovable.  Your Inner Child longs for you to love, protect and care for her, or him.  
Can you remember a time when you would colour or draw without fear of judgment or criticism?  Can you remember a time when dressing up and imaginary play was a place you could have fun and express yourself?  Can you remember a time when you didn’t feel buried down with responsibilities and the burdens of life?  She can. 
Quite often painful experiences will disconnect us with our Inner Child.  Our Adult Ego wants to take charge, to organise, to protect but by doing so can close the door to that part of ourselves that needs freedom to move, play and enjoy life.  The negative or neglected aspects of the inner child will behave and react just as a normal child. Frustration, anger, resentment and rebellious behaviors will be present in your life.  Alcohol and drugs are often used to help those neglected aspects of our inner child feel relaxed or uninhibited.   Connecting and nurturing your inner child can assist with releasing the feelings and experience that cause this negative or addictive behavior in your life. 
Find the joy and playfulness that comes from reading a children’s story or perhaps watching a movie.  Go to the playground and swing on the swings.  Play with paints, crayons, play doh, chalks and enjoy just exploring the materials without needing to finish something.  
Remember that you are a gift. You are perfect. All you have to do is remember. <3 span="">

Michelle’s Toolkit for July –

A Guided Inner Child Meditation by Stephanie Lin

Journaling / Drawing

The 30 Day Inner Child Challenge by Shelley Klammer


Which Crystals Aid Inner Child Healing?

-       Recommended Reading

Recovery of your Inner Child by Lucia Capacchione, PH. D.

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